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Ingrid Peschke was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area (Mill Valley) and is a graduate of Principia College with a degree in English and German.  She received her K-12 teaching degree from Sam Houston State University and began her career as a fourth grade English Language teacher in the Texas public school system.

Her husband, Laurenz, also a Christian Scientist, was born and raised in Germany.  Ingrid and Laurenz have three children: a son, Niklas, who is a recent college graduate living and working in France; a daughter, Nadja, who took a gap year to dance professionally with Nashville Ballet and is now a sophomore in college; and a younger son, Liam, who is a freshman in college.

Ingrid has worked for The Mother Church since 2003 when she moved with her family from Houston to Boston to work for the church’s online publishing activities.  She has been a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner since 2004. Ingrid has served as a staff editor for The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and web publishing as well as managing editor of the Sentinel and JSH website.  She was elected to be the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Massachusetts in March 2012 and served in that role until 2019 when she and her husband moved to the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Ingrid has always enjoyed writing and is a regular contributor to The Christian Science Monitor’s Christian Science perspective column as well as a part-time editor for The Mary Baker Eddy Library.  She enjoys taking daily walks to the lake near her home and hikes in the state park with the most recent addition to the family, a Border Collie-Lab named Gatsby.