Per our Association by-laws, it is time to vote to elect a new member of our Executive Board.  Board members serve a term of three years.  Marshall Ingwerson is rotating off, and the Board is grateful for his generous and principled service over the past three years.

Please read the following candidate bios and submit your vote below.  Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!

Terry Doak, Class of 1980
Terry first met Ron Ballard in 1978 at First Church, San Francisco, when he was in the US Army, stationed at the Presidio. They became friends, playing softball, tennis, and raquette ball, and engaged together in other social activities with a circle of church friends. He was honored to be a member of Ron’s very first class, where he got to know Ron’s gentlemanly way of expressing love for God and man; and found himself learning more than he ever fathomed he could about the infinite subject, Christian Science. Terry has attended and served as organist for every annual meeting of our Association. He loves Christian Science and knows with certainty it is the very truth Jesus taught, demonstrated, and left to be discovered by that grand lady and courageous pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy. Ron’s explanations of the textbook, the Bible and other MBE writings have rung true and understandable to Terry, and he is grateful God introduced him to our dear friend, Ron Ballard. And he loves his humor! Our Association is of great importance to Terry, and to our movement as we demonstrate both individually and collectively that God is indeed real, present and provable.

Kim Foreman, Class of 2008
Kim grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended high school at The Principia. After graduating from Principia College, Kim started her practice as a Christian Science Nurse. Kim has know about Ron for years through her dad and his time with Ron at the A/U Ranches in Colorado. It was over lunch after one of Ron’s lecture that she got a very clear message that Ron was going to be her teacher. Kim took Primary Class from Ron in 2008. She currently lives in San Francisco and works at Arden Wood.

Lori Decker Navarro, Class of 1993
Lori has been the Hospitality and Front Desk Supervisor at Arden Wood in San Francisco for eight years. She is a third generation Christian Scientist on both sides of her family, and grew up attending the Christian Science Sunday School in Riverside, California. She joined the Mother Church at 12 and worked at the AU Ranches for several summers in the early 70’s. Lori met Ron at the Ranches when he helped her work through a challenge she was having. Ron was her family practitioner for many years while raising three children. After taking class in 1993, Lori served five years as the Reading Room Librarian for First Church, Berkeley, where she was a member for 35 years. She worked as an Executive Assistant for the worldwide firm, Gensler Architects for 10 years before coming to Arden Wood in 2008. Lori has been a member of First Church, San Francisco, for five years. She considers it a privilege to be invited to serve on the Board of our Association.