Per our Association by-laws, it is time to vote to elect a new member of our Executive Committee.  Board members serve a term of three years.  Scott Grometer is rotating off, and the Committee is grateful for his dutiful and selfless service over the past three years.

Please read the following candidate bios and submit your vote below.  Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!

David Champaigne, Class of 2005
David is a Principia Upper School graduate and life long Christian Scientist.  He is finishing a 20-year aviation and engineering career with the United States Navy, where he has had ample opportunity to apply God’s laws of protection, endurance, and cohesion of purpose.  David first became aware of Ron through his writings published in the Christian Science periodicals.  Ron’s clear message and sound reasoning resonated with him and he suspected that he had found his teacher. One phone call solidified this suspicion and within two years, he was attending Ron’s class.  David has found that Ron’s habit of cutting directly to the truth, without fanfare, has been most helpful in guiding and inspiring his own practice. He currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Linda Hanson, Class of 1980
Linda grew up in the Seattle area, graduating from the University of WA.  When her father moved to San Francisco in the late 70’s she attended First Church, SF whenever she visited and had the opportunity to meet Ron.  As soon as he became a teacher she knew immediately she wanted to be in his first class, and will never forget how wonderful those two weeks were.  Ron helped her work through many challenges over the years and she continues to get fresh insight and a new sense of relationship with him from his recordings and writings.  She is an active member of 12th Church of Christ, Scientist in Seattle, and very grateful to be a member of this Association.  She is currently a Product Manager at AT&T in Seattle.

Julie Webster, Class of 1981
Julie met Ron at the A/U Ranches back in the 60’s and loved his practical and clear understanding of Christian Science.  She attended his second class and only missed one of his Associations.  She has been actively involved with Christian Science activities from her youth, camp, being on an A/U teen board during high school, started and ran an A/U-DB family chapter when her kids were young, has continued supporting Regional and National Discovery Bound Teen Events, and was on the board that organized a Christian Science Youth Forum in Atlanta with the Christian Science Board of Directors.  She has been an active church member since the 70’s and a founding member of her Society.  For the last 10 years she has been actively involved with Christian Science nursing, serving on the board of Wellsprings of Florida for 7 years, and the National Philanthropy Forum that worked on establishing the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing.  She currently runs a non-profit that has raised $182,000 for local non-profits in her community, and has been actively involved with several of them.  She rehabs homes with her son, owns and manages a growing portfolio of rental properties.

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