Scott Grometer – Executive Board

Chairman - Executive Committee
Class of 1987
Scott first met Ron during an office visit in 1987 when his life seemed to have ‘hit a wall.’ Impressed by Ron’s openness, candor, and non-judgemental approach, he asked to be considered for the 1987 Class. He graduated from Principia College in 1991 and pursued his interest in ‘Green’ building, ultimately as a project manager for a California firm specializing in straw-bale construction. Since 2001 he as been in charge of the renovation and maintenance of a large private estate on the San Francisco Peninsula. Scott treasures the association and the continued growth it affords. He has attended every annual meeting since his class instruction and very much welcomes the opportunity to serve in return.

Terry Doak – Executive Board

Executive Committee Member

Class of 1980
Terry first met Ron Ballard in 1978 at First Church, San Francisco, when he was in the US Army, stationed at the Presidio. They became friends, playing softball, tennis, and raquette ball, and engaged together in other social activities with a circle of church friends. He was honored to be a member of Ron’s very first class, where he got to know Ron’s gentlemanly way of expressing love for God and man; and found myself learning more than he ever fathomed about the infinite subject, Christian Science. Terry has attended and served as organist for every annual meeting of our Association. He loves Christian Science and knows with certainty it is the very truth Jesus taught, demonstrated and left to be discovered by that grand lady and courageous pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy. Ron’s explanations of the textbook, the Bible and other MBE writings have rung true and understandable to Terry, and he is grateful God introduced him to our dear friend, Ron Ballard. And loves his humor! Our Association is of great importance to Terry, and to our movement as we demonstrate both individually and collectively that God is indeed real, present and provable.

Donna Abrahamian – Executive Board

Executive Committee Member

Class of 1980
I first met Ron when he was speaking at a college org meeting at UC Berkeley. When he spoke, everyone in that auditorium were completely engaged in the truth he was speaking! I knew that day, that as soon as he became a teacher, I would be applying to his class. And that is exactly what happened! I applied and was accepted into his first class in 1980. Those two weeks changed my life forever. What an honor and privilege to be a part of something that would last a lifetime. Ron never wavered about God or the truth of Christian Science.
I was born and raised in Truckee, CA. Both of my grandmothers started the Christian Science Society in Truckee. I became a Mother Church Member when I was 12 years old and became a member of the branch church in Truckee when I was 18. I have been very involved in this church for most of my life. Reading, teaching Sunday School, and being the Sunday School Superintendent along with serving many years on the Board of Directors and in the Reading Room are just a few of the wonderful opportunities that have blessed me.
I have worked mostly in law offices as the Office Manager for many years. I have been retired for three years now. My husband recently retired also. We have two adult children.

Ken Jurgensen – Treasurer

Association Treasurer

Ken grew up in Pasadena, CA, and currently lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife and daughter, who is entering the 7th grade. He was brought up in Christian Science, and has served in various capacities in the Santa Barbara branch church. It was a lecture at this branch church that led him to apply for class instruction from Ron. He was part of Ron’s last class. He has been working in accounting for the last 20 years. He enjoys his volunteer accounting work for his church, his daughter’s school, and this association. He has replaced pickup basketball with cycling the last few years, including commuting to work by bicycle.

Peter Whitmore – Secretary

Association Secretary

Bio coming soon…